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I help creative and neurodivergent entrepreneurs scale their businesses, multiply their effort and achieve their biggest ideas.

Sounds like you?

About Work with Emma

Hi, I'm Emma Wallace and this is how I can work with you

Why do I Work with Neurodivergent People?


Because this is also me so I understand how your brain works! I can see your vision clearly without difficult explanations, be a great sounding board to your ideas and be a reliable external perspective that you can’t get from inside your head.

How Can I Support Your Journey?

I use my divergent thinking strengths to connect the dots and figure out the best path forward to get from A to B and make the things that seem complex, simple. Whether I’m with you as a mentor, commercial consultant or chief-of-staff; I connect people, vision, product and customers to help creative entrepreneurs achieve their goals. 


What Results Can You Expect?


I connect deeply with the purpose behind your business and how you can best serve your customers and use this to help create and push forward a purpose driven flywheel to achieve the growth and mission you are passionate about. 

Why Work with Emma?

Discover how working with me drives your success

Unlocking Long-Term Vision with Strategic Future-Thinking

I don't merely plan; I forecast. By considering the long-term vision and recognising current trends, I help you position your business for sustainable success, keeping you at the forefront of your industry.

Organisation and Efficient Planning

My approach to organisation and planning isn't just about maintaining order—it's about finding the most resourceful and efficient routes to deliver significant results, saving you time and resources.

Adaptability and Rapid Learning for Dynamic Challenges

Confronted with a challenging problem or a fresh opportunity? I excel in these situations, swiftly grasping the essentials and breaking down complex issues into actionable steps, ensuring that your projects progress smoothly and effectively.

Data-Driven Insights for Competitive Advantage

I excel at identifying patterns that others miss. By transforming complex data into actionable insights, I drive commercial success and profitability, turning information into power.

Inclusive Leadership for Diverse Teams

As a leader in neuro-inclusion, I cultivate an environment where diverse talents flourish. My inclusive approach not only enhances team cohesion but also boosts creativity and productivity.

Connecting the Dots Across Departments

With a solid generalist skill set, I bridge various departments within your organisation, enhancing collaboration and insight-sharing. This holistic view allows me to spot interdependencies and solve multidimensional problems efficiently.


How I work with each client is completely tailored to the needs of your business and what you are looking to achieve. I don't just rely on the things I've done before or tell you what to do, I actively look for new unique solutions and make them happen with you. I can embed fully within your team if you need long term support or be an ad hoc consulting support. I prefer working with brands over a longer period as I’m driven by your long term success. 


These areas below are my core pillars that I can support you with. I combine these with a focus on your purpose to create a flywheel of growth and impact. We can design a package together that works for you and your goals.


Emma was my mentor for 3 months. She was reliable, consistent, and true to her word. Not to mention such a pleasant person to talk to and share ideas with. As a soloprenuer, it can be lonely and quite difficult to get outsider perspective on business decisions. I was reluctant to try another mentorship program after a bad experience in the past, but I'm really happy to have met Emma. If you need someone open minded, takes initiative, knows what they're doing and gives good advice, get first dibs on Emma!

Lauren Little - Founder

I worked with Emma for 5 years whilst she was at Rapha. A true self starter, Emma is someone who genuinely wants to improve the way that things are done, and rather than just thinking about it, she puts in the work and makes things happen. As her role and responsibilities evolved, Emma really stepped up to the challenge, demonstrating an enviable amount of resourcefulness and a passion to succeed. With this mentality and her easy going nature, Emma would be an asset to any organisation.

Laura Shipperlee - CPO

cropped-66270613_padded_logo (1).png

Emma was on our Advisory Board at Enna. Firstly, she was absolutely lovely and very down to earth, which definitely made working together easier. She was extremely helpful, always using her contacts and industry knowledge to provide us with informed advice. She is also great at listening, which is really important within this sort of position, as us founders always need someone thats willing to listen and help us approach problems in a different light. Thank you so much Emma!

Emily Banks - CEO and Founder

Heartical therapy.png

Emma helped me to understand my business in a new way. She has helped me to become confident in scaling and promoting my business.

She has a personable and relatable manner and knows how to ask the right thought provoking questions.

I would definitely recommend working with Emma.

Daniel Harris - CEO and Founder

Explore my case studies to see more examples of how I help businesses with their growth challenges.

Current and Past Clients

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