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Here are some example service packages that I can work with you on. 


Fractional Chief of Staff

Who is it for: This service is for growing companies that need more hands on support and involvement with implementing your strategy and ideas but you are not ready for a full time Chief of Staff yet. You have a small team already, sales are starting to grow and have a goal to get the business to a next stage of growth either though a fundraise, taking on new clients and growing your customer base.

How does it work: I will help you take your big and complex ideas and turn them into a roadmap that has been thought through from all angles and into actionable steps to take. We can work together to plan a set of goals to achieve and how I can best support you in achieving them and really put the flywheel into motion.  

What is involved: I will embed within your team and work between 1-3 days per week on supporting you to achieve your growth goals.


Consultancy and Special Projects

I can wok with you on a range of special projects and consult more in depth on:

Neurodiversity and Inclusion 

Due diligence and business strategy planning

Market insights and more



Who is it for: This package is ideal for solo founders and leaders of small teams and companies. You have capacity to start implementing the changes you want to see in your company by yourself but need someone to ask the right questions, help see your path forward and evaluate the impact of all your ideas.

How does it work: I'll help you over a course of 10 week to set your goals, evaluate and prioritise your ideas and get them working together to get the flywheel growth of your business starting to fly. 

What is involved: Either a weekly or bi-weekly session depending on your capacity. I'll share email follow ups with the action plans, check in between sessions and monitor your progress.

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